Reductress How to Win at Feminism: to Having It All... And n Some!

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Mueller John Paul Mastering IDEAScript.

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With approximately 44,000 users in the U.S. and Canada, as well as 42,000 in Europe, IDEA software has become a leading provider of data analysis software for use by auditors and accountants. Written to provide users with a quick access guide for optimal use of IDEAScript, Mastering IDEAScript: is IDEA's official guide to mastering IDEAScript, covering essential topics such as Introducing IDEAScript, Understanding the Basics of IDEAScript Editor, Designing Structured Applications, Understanding IDEA Databases and much more. For auditors, accountants and controllers.

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Агата Кристи Clues to Christie: to Miss Marple, Hercule Poirot and all of Agatha Christie’s Mysteries

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French Cartomancy. Оракул "Французское гадание" (Ленорман)

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Оракул "Французское гадание" (Ленорман). definitive guide to the French cartomancy tradition. images of Madame Lenormand lead you into a universe of symbols and depictions capable of evoking the everyday and connecting it to the magic that surrounds us. cards permit the future to be revealed. Features 36 cards. Instructions. К картам прилагается инструкция на 5-ти языках.

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Rolling Stones: Fifty Years

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definitive biography of the definitive rock`n`roll band. Christopher Sandford tells the human drama at the centre of the Rolling Stones story, making sense of the rich...

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You're Invited!: Invitation Design for Every Occasion

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Invitations provide the perfect personal touch for everything from private events to opening nights. You're Invited! is the definitive guide to this versatile and...

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Gauld Tom Baking with

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2018 EISNER AWARD-WINNER - BEST HUMOUR PUBLICATION In Baking with , Tom Gauld asks the questions no one else dares ask about civilisation as we know it. - How do you get published during a skeleton apocalypse? - What was the secret of 's lemon drizzle cake? - And what plot possibilities does the exploding e-cigarette offer modern mystery writers? A riotous collection of laugh-out-loud cartoons in his signature style, Baking with reaffirms Gauld's position as a first-rate cartoonist, creating work infused with a deep understanding of both literary and cartoon history.

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Jay Kaeppel Seasonal Stock Market Trends. to Calendar-Based Stock Market Trading

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re is a seasonal bias to the stock market, and by paying attention to the seasonal market tendencies you can gain an edge in the stock market over the long haul. Seasonality offers a practical approach to investing and trading. What better way to learn how to employ seasonal systems than learning from Jay Kaeppel, a master in the analysis of seasonal trends? Kaeppel walks you through this phenomenon that continues to work consistently, providing you with his ultimate seasonal index to make the calendar work for you. Stock Market Seasonals provides a never-before-seen definitive guide that illustrates how to utilize a combination of four basic seasonal tendencies in order to maximize returns.

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Sparrow Giles Childrens Encyclopedia of Space (HB)

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Travel into space with this comprehensive visual encyclopedia of the cosmos, from the Big Bang to the Extremely Large Telescope. Full of galactic facts, dramatic photographs, and CGI artwork, and based on the latest astronomical research, this is a definitive guide to our Solar System, the Universe, and beyond...

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Timothy Jury Cash Flow Analysis and Forecasting. to Understanding and Using Published Cash Flow Data

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This book is the definitive guide to cash flow statement analysis and forecasting. It takes the reader from an introduction about how cash flows move within a business, through to a detailed review of the contents of a cash flow statement. This is followed by detailed guidance on how to restate cash flows into a template format. book shows how to use the template to analyse the data from start up, growth, mature and declining companies, and those using US GAAP and IAS reporting. book includes real world examples from such companies as Black and Decker (US), Fiat (Italy) and Tesco (UK). A section on cash flow forecasting includes full coverage of spreadsheet risk and good practice. Complete with chapters of particular interest to those involved in credit markets as lenders or counter-parties, those running businesses and those in equity investing, this book is the definitive guide to understanding and interpreting cash flow data.

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Simon Jennings Complete Artist’s Manual: to Materials and Techniques for Painting and Drawing

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definitive artist’s reference guide and comprehensive sourcebook of art materials and painting techniques, now available in a modern ebook edition. Complete Artist’s Manual covers all the elements of painting and drawing from materials to techniques, colour composition and media – the ultimate artist’s bible.In addition, it contains a structured painting course with simple exercises developing into more advanced projects, with demonstrations by well-known practising artists who share their experience and expertise with the reader.Contents includes;SupportsDrawing and painting mediaDrawing and sketchingPainting techniquesColour and compositionWhat to paint – getting started artist’s studioGlossary and directory Complete Artist’s Manual is visually rich and exciting, practical and comprehensive – no artist’s studio should be without it.

American Institute of Architects Architect's to Design-Build Services

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definitive resource for designer-led projects Architect's to Design-Build Services offers authoritative knowledge and industry insight to architects considering entry into the burgeoning practice of design-build project delivery. Written by architects and other professionals with expertise in risk management, law, ethics, finance, and contracts, this instructive guide addresses the roles architects can assume during a design-build project, including leading the project, acting as subcontractor, and forming a joint venture with a contractor. Developed by the AIA Design-Build Professional Interest Area, this book offers the real-world expertise of thirty industry leaders from the United States, Canada, and Mexico, who share their experience and know-how on such topics as: Starting out in design-build Risks and rewards of design-build delivery Succeeding in a design-build practice Design-build education Essential practice information Ethics and licensing laws State laws regulating both architects and contractors are summarized to help busy firms bring design-build projects through to successful completion in a variety of jurisdictions. Architect's to Design-Build Services is the most complete, definitive resource for architects, contractors, and attorneys involved in designer-led projects.